Monday, October 5, 2009

If your Fall includes "out with the old", Please recycle...

From our Friends at IDEAL BITE (

The Bite:
Is figuring out what to do with your used kicks a total mystery? Here's a clue: Donate your old footwear to a reuse or recycling program to save landfill space or help out someone in need. Nice work, gumshoe.

The Benefits:
  • You'll create less waste while cleaning out your closet - Reuse-A-Shoe alone has kept more than 23 million pairs of shoes out of the dump.
  • Every pair helps - gently worn shoes can outfit feet in the developing world, while shabby ones can be made into surfacing for things like tennis courts.

Wanna Try:
  • Nike Reuse-A-Shoe - drop off any brand of ratty athletic shoes, and the company'll grind 'em up into surfaces for playgrounds, tennis courts, and tracks.
  • Soles4Souls - donate used-but-useable pairs to people in developing countries by dropping your shoes off at a nearby drop spot, or shipping them.
  • One World Running - donate near-new athletic shoes to cash-poor sports players.

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