Monday, October 5, 2009

If your Fall includes "out with the old", Please recycle...

From our Friends at IDEAL BITE (

The Bite:
Is figuring out what to do with your used kicks a total mystery? Here's a clue: Donate your old footwear to a reuse or recycling program to save landfill space or help out someone in need. Nice work, gumshoe.

The Benefits:
  • You'll create less waste while cleaning out your closet - Reuse-A-Shoe alone has kept more than 23 million pairs of shoes out of the dump.
  • Every pair helps - gently worn shoes can outfit feet in the developing world, while shabby ones can be made into surfacing for things like tennis courts.

Wanna Try:
  • Nike Reuse-A-Shoe - drop off any brand of ratty athletic shoes, and the company'll grind 'em up into surfaces for playgrounds, tennis courts, and tracks.
  • Soles4Souls - donate used-but-useable pairs to people in developing countries by dropping your shoes off at a nearby drop spot, or shipping them.
  • One World Running - donate near-new athletic shoes to cash-poor sports players.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall Preview! Jumping the gun with cooler weather!

Black Booties- Deconti from Aldo
$90 Size 39

Day 1 of wearing them I get locked INSIDE an apartment with a client. How a locked failed I have no clue but what I do know is that I felt braver, tougher, and far more bad-ass climbing out the back window and scaling down the fire escape in these heels. My client in her suit changed into tennis shoes that happened to be hidden away in her purse but in these puppies you never have to bring a more comfortable backup.

"Never before have your feet looked so small" my sister Virginia says after seeing my new booties for the first time. I agree, they do look abnormally small largely because of the giant cuff that folds from 3 inches above the ankle to almost skimming the ground covering all but a peep of the round toe and a flash of the heel.

Your foot will sit snug low in the shoe. The toes are not crowded. It may be the only boot I have ever felt comfortable wearing an anklet sock with. The perfect way to welcome Fall, to look hot effortlessly, or to accomplish the acts of a super hero!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Dear Friend!

Brown Boots- Topshop
$145 size 40, Made in Spain

My new best friend who is ever so dainty and tough at the same time- how quickly we have so many memories together.

Day 1: I put them on with forest green tights, an over-sized grey T and a metal snake vintage belt my mom passed down to me. Before I could hear the kettle blow I was searching for Never-Never Land. Perfect! Where is my pixie dust!

I loved the structured fringe on the toe. I love that they fit like a glove from day one. The chocolate chip brown leather is thin and yes you can skip and dance in them. You wear them, they don't wear you type of thing. Compared to many boots they are very light. After wearing I don't have tired leg boot syndrome but they don't feel or look cheap- how your best friend should be!

The only complaint is from Snezan who couldn't take them off me without almost completely decapitating my foot at the ankle thanks to the fancy loop lacing Topshop employees have completed the look with (which i adore). As for me- well no complaints. I have worn them practically for a week now and I can say I equally love looking down at my cute shoes while riding on the back of the motorcycle or walking.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The History of the Band-Aid

As the story goes a house wife and her husband invent band-aids in 1920. She accidentally burns herself practically everyday while making dinner for her love, who happens to work for Johnson & Johnson.

Band-Aids were made by hand and were not such a hit at first. But all good ideas have to start somewhere. By 1957 they rock out the clear bandage and by 1970 they get Brooke Shields to star in a commercial.

Now that we need to see.

Anyone from Band-Aid want to sponsor me? Send me boxes of bandages!

Starting with The Basics

Exhilaration @ Target $9 Keds knockoffs

What else can $9 buy in New York?

After a quick Google search $9 can buy me: 4 new spark plugs (I wouldn't know what to do with them), a used green halter, or 100 "choice or child" fliers. I'm scared and know my $9 shoes were a brilliant decision.

A mix between Vans and Keds- totally perfect no frill relaxed summer lace up. More padding in the front toe area than the back so you almost feel like you are standing uphill slightly. I strapped them on at 9:30 AM- by 11:30 AM I was feeling hot spots on my noon I found Band-Aids to cover the backs of my heels. We had brunch and headed to Coney Island. The white was perfect for summer, knotting the laces and dangling them from my bag, walking barefoot on the beach sand gets under the Band-Aids but I can't complain.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The First Step!

You and I walk a lot in New York City.

We've learned to carry band-aids in our wallets. We're beating the streets along with millions of other fashionable New Yorkers exchanging and sampling each other's ideas from all over the world. We're tuned in to style, to sample sales, to trends. You love rock, vintage, museums, sparkles, muted tones, frills, leather, the changing seasons, your ever changing look.

You are the pretty girl that walks by.

I walk all day long. Everyday, all day. I am a Real Estate Agent in New York.

I think back to elementary school and running the mile in gym class. I think I remember the average time to walk a mile is 20 minutes at the most. I could be walking about 3 miles an hour. Say I work a 10 hour day and don't stop walking all over town showing apartments, I could be walking 30 miles in a day. I am sure you do it too. Now that is a hike!

This is a photo journal of the shoes I wear everyday, my thoughts about each shoe, and my thoughts stepping through each day.

I love brilliant shoe design but I also love my white Keds look alikes from Target. Every New Yorker knows that even Carrie Bradshaw most likely did not wear heels everyday. Every girl loves the sound of her new boots clicking on the sidewalk on a quiet night. Every girl loves a random compliment in her red wedges.

Cheers to a New Idea and to Our Favorite Shoes!