Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remembering When...

My first couple months in Real Estate I went home each night with new blisters. One hot sweaty late summer day (2008) after stepping off the curb wrong in Soho my ankle rolled and swelled to the size of a softball. It was time to buy some shoes that could take a beating.

These John Fluevog blue oxfords did just that. I walked to the store 2 blocks from my office on Broadway and Prince with my mother who was visiting. I was wearing gold oxfords with a hole in the sole of the shoe and enough said I thank my mom for this purchase.

Typically, I find Fluevog woman's shoes heavy. The high heels seem slightly inspired by Renaissance court jesters, slightly 1990's, the leather bulky but these blue oxfords were amazing and felt entirely different. The leather became as soft as skin, I never had to break them in, never got blisters, and received a million compliments. Okay, maybe the blue was like a clown shoe and matched my blackberry cover for a brief moment but these shoes were lucky. I made it through the worst Fall/ Winter recessions in Real Estate with money in savings. Replacement parts can be bought on Fluevog's website and their factory employees in Portugal and Poland work 8 hour days with 1 1/2 hr lunch break. Not bad, maybe I know what to do next.

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