Monday, January 17, 2011

The Breaking Point

It snapped. I was strolling along in my new bright red sandals and all of a sudden could not take one step further. Painful to put any pressure on my foot, I hobbled around my vacation in Boulder, Colorado unable to figure out what had happened. I wasn't running, jumping, I wasn't drunk, nothing abnormal had happened. A bone had broken in the top of my foot that eventually two foot doctors later explained it like "a wine glass shattering when it barely taps something."

Sometimes you can find an old photograph of yourself and think wow, that feels like an entirely different person than me now, sometimes a pair of shoes can bring the same feeling. I bought these shoes at Shoe Market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2007. They are "Salt Water" sandals but that extremely hot summer the only salt water I would be walking in was rain mixing with sweat on the pavement. The sole is extremely rigid and inflexible but the actual shoe is very wide so its pretty comfortable. They actually sell the exact shoes to kids, so you feel like a little kid wallowing around.

I liked wallowing around, I liked to pretend to be carefree for a moment. I even stood up to the doctors for these shoes, saying no, it wasn't the shoes that broke my foot! I even wore them a couple more times after the break healed. And then, just like that my childhood was over. They broke me and I never showed them the ocean before I let them go.

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