Friday, September 4, 2009

The First Step!

You and I walk a lot in New York City.

We've learned to carry band-aids in our wallets. We're beating the streets along with millions of other fashionable New Yorkers exchanging and sampling each other's ideas from all over the world. We're tuned in to style, to sample sales, to trends. You love rock, vintage, museums, sparkles, muted tones, frills, leather, the changing seasons, your ever changing look.

You are the pretty girl that walks by.

I walk all day long. Everyday, all day. I am a Real Estate Agent in New York.

I think back to elementary school and running the mile in gym class. I think I remember the average time to walk a mile is 20 minutes at the most. I could be walking about 3 miles an hour. Say I work a 10 hour day and don't stop walking all over town showing apartments, I could be walking 30 miles in a day. I am sure you do it too. Now that is a hike!

This is a photo journal of the shoes I wear everyday, my thoughts about each shoe, and my thoughts stepping through each day.

I love brilliant shoe design but I also love my white Keds look alikes from Target. Every New Yorker knows that even Carrie Bradshaw most likely did not wear heels everyday. Every girl loves the sound of her new boots clicking on the sidewalk on a quiet night. Every girl loves a random compliment in her red wedges.

Cheers to a New Idea and to Our Favorite Shoes!

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