Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Dear Friend!

Brown Boots- Topshop
$145 size 40, Made in Spain

My new best friend who is ever so dainty and tough at the same time- how quickly we have so many memories together.

Day 1: I put them on with forest green tights, an over-sized grey T and a metal snake vintage belt my mom passed down to me. Before I could hear the kettle blow I was searching for Never-Never Land. Perfect! Where is my pixie dust!

I loved the structured fringe on the toe. I love that they fit like a glove from day one. The chocolate chip brown leather is thin and yes you can skip and dance in them. You wear them, they don't wear you type of thing. Compared to many boots they are very light. After wearing I don't have tired leg boot syndrome but they don't feel or look cheap- how your best friend should be!

The only complaint is from Snezan who couldn't take them off me without almost completely decapitating my foot at the ankle thanks to the fancy loop lacing Topshop employees have completed the look with (which i adore). As for me- well no complaints. I have worn them practically for a week now and I can say I equally love looking down at my cute shoes while riding on the back of the motorcycle or walking.

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