Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Starting with The Basics

Exhilaration @ Target $9 Keds knockoffs

What else can $9 buy in New York?

After a quick Google search $9 can buy me: 4 new spark plugs (I wouldn't know what to do with them), a used green halter, or 100 "choice or child" fliers. I'm scared and know my $9 shoes were a brilliant decision.

A mix between Vans and Keds- totally perfect no frill relaxed summer lace up. More padding in the front toe area than the back so you almost feel like you are standing uphill slightly. I strapped them on at 9:30 AM- by 11:30 AM I was feeling hot spots on my Achilles...by noon I found Band-Aids to cover the backs of my heels. We had brunch and headed to Coney Island. The white was perfect for summer, knotting the laces and dangling them from my bag, walking barefoot on the beach sand gets under the Band-Aids but I can't complain.

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